We all know the story..... I'm traveling to a city I know nothing about. I would prefer to call a friend or relative for advice on where to stay, where to eat, and what to do, but I don't know anyone in town. I don't want to spend hours sifting through hundreds of entries on Yelp or Trip Advisor, so I'm stuck----until now. Welcome to Once we build out our network, the traveler will be able to look up the information they need to make travel plans in just seconds. They simply search for the city they are visiting, and our local guide's recommendations will be displayed at the top of the search results page. Other residents or travelers can also list their travel tips, but the local guide's recommendations will always be prominently listed at the top of the page.

Do you enjoy providing travel tips to visitors? Do you love your town? We want you! All that we ask is that you have no financial conflicts of interest (or if you do, you must disclose the potential conflict). It's OK if you work at or even own an establishment you recommend. We just ask you disclose this. Please use the Bio field to provide this. For example, if you work at Sally's Seafood you might say something like this:

"In the interest of full disclosure, I wait tables at Sally's Seafood. I think it has hands down the best seafood; not just because I think so, but Yelp also rates it at the #1 spot."

You can be passionate and highly opinionated. You can provide volumes of information or you can be brief and to the point; either is fine.

Please also use the local guide Bio section to share a little bit about yourself. If you provide services which may be of interest to the reader, we encourage you to share that. (A reader who may be moving to your town might be interested to know that you are a real estate agent or a building contractor).

We want to hear about what makes your community unique or special---things a visitor would never know unless a local told them. That special hotel that includes a hot breakfast at no charge and provides a free shuttle into downtown all evening. That restaurant that looks like a dive but has been serving the best steaks and martinis in the state under three generations of the same family.

You are free to add new entries, modify old entries, or delete entries at any time. There is no need to spend a lot of time revising the site if you don't want to.

Click the link below and complete the sign up form to create an account and register to become a Local Guide. If you know people in other cities who would make good guides, please tell them about us and have them sign up as well. We will provide you with several examples of different styles which you may want to use as a "go by" while writing your piece, or you can just do what feels right to you.

We thank you for your time and hope you will consider becoming one of our Local Guides. The only thing we ask is that you have FUN with this and enjoy helping out travelers. We fully expect that will be a huge travel network in a short period of time. We think this will be the traveler's first choice online resource while making travel plans.


Chris Peterson Founder

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